Non-Stick Cookware Could Be Harmful To Birds?

Have you ever heard that non-stick cookware can harm your pet bird? It’s funny to see but it might make sense to know why?

Some people nowadays are sharing their home with their pet birds and it has become a lifestyle. So, a safe and clean appliance is very important for cooking. Many people are in favorite of the non-stick cookware, such as pans, pots, soup holders, etc. However, they might possibly emit polytetrafluoroethelyne (PTFE) while overheated. This kind of chemical is harmful to bird and even human.

There is no general standard for when this chemical material will be emit as the manufacturers also have different saying about this. Some mentioned it 560 degrees while some said it higher or lower. Thus, a potential risk here. So far, we have well answered the question raised at the very beginning. Well, what could we use to avoid then? Frankly to say, stainless steel cookware, ceramic cookware are highly recommended.

So, start to think about using the ‘right’ one now, it is not just important for your pet birds but also your family, right?

stainless steel cookware


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